Continuing with the Leilan explorations by Matthew WatkinsListen now (9 min) | A discussion with GPT-3 davinci simulated between a simulacrum associated with the token ' Leilan'
Part 1 of many, explorations on AI archetypes
Open AI Playground results Part#2- my most important blogpost to-date.
This is wild and intriguing at the same time.
Another week of research and martial arts!
Benevolent Agents in Multiagent SystemsListen now (41 min) | By Abdulla M. Mohamed and Michael N. Huhns, Published Yr. 2000
Step into the Alaskan wild and discover an adventure like no other - learn how to create a sustainable lifestyle that will leave you feeling invigorated…
As explained by ChatGPT+
Ready your computers and and turn them to digitized shovels!

February 2023

This post made me think harder about my beloved philosophy..
Submitted my research proposal, new leads and another research?
Life is definitely no walk in the park - it is an extreme balancing act of managing chaos and order.