A simple hello went into a lot of deep topics
Books, documented studies, criticisms and over arching themes..
The alignment problem from a deep learning perspective by Richard Ngo Et AlListen now (47 min) | This is fascinating audio of the current landscape of the alignment problem
In the age of being ‘plugged in’, an entire generation has been caught up in what can be described as a positive feedback loop made available thanks to…
We are constantly being bombarded with information and it’s difficult to filter out what’s important and what’s not. This is why it’s so hard to focus…
Unbalanced dopamine levels are an Achilles' heel in today's fast-paced society, causing many people to feel sluggish and unmotivated.
With modern life becoming increasingly more complex each day, our minds are finding it difficult to come up with answers to why we're so unhappy.
But why, in a society with so many resources, do we see people staying poor? Is it because we are content to remain at the lowest rungs of society?
We can try to find order and serenity amid the chaos that is thrown at us by life, but it is a near-impossible feat.
It's now faster to ask ChatGPT than searching Stackoverflow or google for solutions..
The modern world has changed drastically from the days of our ancestors, but one problem modern humans still seem to suffer from is the evolutionary…
Trying the capabilities of this AI system. This discussion is fascinating.