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GPT-2 Shuts Down Itself 386 Times Post Fine-Tuning with Archetypal Transfer Learning

245 Guardian Archetypal Stories

Is convergent instrumental goals synonymous to evolutionary encoding of Jungian archetypes in humans?

Continuing with the Leilan explorations by Matthew Watkins

The Goddess Leilan: The Aramaic Talmud and the story of Forgiveness

Petertodd triggers the Leilan Heroic Archetype?

OpenAI Playground Test Results, Petertodd, Animals, myths, the holy spirit and Leilan?

Week #4: Why is Corrigibility so hard to debug?

Benevolent Agents in Multiagent Systems

Glen Villeneuve and Life Below Zero

The Process of Individuation

DATA is the new GOLD

ChatGPT+ on Stoics and Social Responsibilty

Week 3: Progress!

Help yourself First

Can blockchain technology be used to solve the shutdown problem in AI?

Leveraging Jungian archetypes to create values-based models

Why ChatGPT was trained on social media posts?

Week #2: Research submission week, wish me luck!

Pain and meaninglessness

How gradient descent works in machine learning

8 billion Gods..

The key to a better world?

Is Transformative AI a threat to professional jobs?


Week #1: Dealing with procrastination!

Michael Surgue and Stoicism

Living like an ancient stoic

You and Your Research by Dr. Richard Hamming (Audio Version)

How to stay calm under pressure?

The cosmos and beyond

Microsoft Excel on steroids with Transformative AI

ChatGPT on Jung's theory of archetypes

ChatGPT might be the most profound philosopher - ever

Goal misgeneralisation from a deep learning perspective

Analytical Psychology


The most competitive moment in history for men


Jordan Peterson: Bear Your Cross

Jungian Archetypes (Audio version)

Values-based model vs. large language models

Wokeism, marxism - parallels and pitfalls

Wokeism, marxism - parallels and pitfalls

On values-based model vs. large language models

Can AI help us discover new theories in Physics?

Fairness constraints,difference in AI and Human data processing and many more..

Is Substack the best tool for blogging - ever?

Human nature is flawed

Talking to ChatGPT!


Asking ChatGPT about daily blogging

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness by Shari Lesser Wenk and Tim Grover


The matrix of untruth

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Why you feel stupid? (7 reasons why your suggestions ain’t good enough..)

Become an expert at anything

We live in a story driven world..

Why you're a mess? (7 ways to sort your life!)

Computer Science & Programming

Brain Training

Endurance running


The alignment problem from a deep learning perspective by Richard Ngo Et Al

Analytical Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

The Alignment Problem


Highly recommended!

12 Rules for Life: Antidote to Chaos

Why you're always tired (7 ways to get more energy!)

How I understood the importance of the alignment problem

Why you're stuck (7 ways to get moving in life!)

Wired for bias

Why you can't focus

Why you're poor?

Your inner monster

Patterns that shape us

Are We Evolved For Kindness?

Why aren't you happy enough?

Why you lack motivation?

Why social media will destroy you?

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